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   Shifeng R&D center is established on May 18, 2001. It is a enterprise technology development orgnisition set up with Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of technology, University of technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shandong University, Shandong University of Technology, Shanghai internal combustion engine research institute, Jinan casting and Forging Machinery Research Institute and other domestic famous universities and scientific research institutes. There are state-level enterprise technology center and Shandong Province low-speed Automotive Engineering Technology Research Center and Shandong small pure electric automobile engineering research center in the R&D center. There are academician workstation, post doctoral scientific research workstation in this R&D center as well.

After 14 years of development, the R&D center becomes a research and development entity with relatively complete technology and professionals and forms more perfect technology innovation system. There are currently more than 2500 professional and technical personnel working in 7 product research departments such as trucks research department, engine research department, agricultural equipment research department and 6 process research departments and process development center, testing center,  pre-industry product center and 3 support deparments. There are more than 20 well-known experts in the industry such as 18 Taishan scholars, one with special allowance of the State Council and national project leaders. Middle and senior technician are more than 300.  So it is a powerful R&D team with industry experts, senior technical personnel and personnel with some experience.  It is a perfect platform for independent innovation.

   Shifeng R&D center makes more contribution for transition and upgrading of traditional industries and speeding up development of new strategic industries. With promotion and application of new technology and process and lots of independent innovation, technology of leading product such as low-speed trucks, 3-wheel trucks, tractors, engines is constantly promoted. There are more than 100 new products released to the market every year and new product sales are more than 70% of the company's totle sale so it becomes the main rising profits of the company. 3-wheel trucks Juxing and Fengrui series, FengLing trucks gasoline version and LCV Fengchi 2000 series are leading the design in the industry. Shifeng single cylinder engine meets emission of Euro II standard. Tractor with 160 HP engine is independently developed with advanced technology of hydromechatronics And man-machine engineering.  The longitudinal axis flow type rice and wheat combine harvester model 3688 and self-propelled corn harvester model 4YZP-3A are independently developed which is a new designed structure in the industry. Independently developed electric vehicle models D101, D102, D201, GD04, D301 and D501 and etc. with running mileage more than 200 km and power consumption 8-10kwh per 100 km are new milestone of Chinese new energy vehicles. Research and development of new products and technology make a powerful platform of independent innovation of the company and make the company more competitive.

   Shifeng R&D center takes part in more than 10 national programs such as the national "863" program, 12th five-year technology program and the national hi-tech industry development plan. Shifeng R&D center completes 119 science and technology research programs of province and achieved 53 science and technology results higher than provincial ones. Shifeng R&D center takes part in formulation of 51 national standards. 146 technology achievements are approved by national patent and industrialization rate of scientific research results reaches over 95%. More than 20 technology breakthroughs such as "double wheel independent drive of small pure electric vehicle ", "environmental protection and low consumption single cylinder engine ", "giant whole steel construction radial tire", "recovery and efficient melting of cast iron scrap" and "recovery and use of waste sand" are awarded as Technology result award of China achinery industry and science and technology progress award of Shandong province. 

   With strong research and development capabilities of Shifeng R&D center, Shifeng group made some no. 1 in the industry.  Shifeng R&D center is mainstay of the company to transform, upgrade and leap-forward develop.