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Models is introduced

  1. single cylider diesel engine,  more powerful;

  2. seven gears with rear PTO to meet more demand;

  3. simple structure ,easily operation;

⒈ Overall Data of Tractor
Main Dimensions of Tractor Model SF250
Rated output  19.12 KW
Type 4X2(4x2 wheeled)
Model of Engine ZS1115E2
Rated Traction(N) 4900
Overall Dimensions
Length 2730
Width 1300

Height 1560
Wheel Base(mm) 1400/1470
Tread (mm)  Front Tread 1140
Rear Tread 1200
Min Ground Clearance 295
Min Turning Diameter(mm) 2900
Mass of Tractors
Structure Mass 835
Min-Usage Mass 1080

Bob Weight Front Bob-weight
Rear Bob-weight  60
(Steel Band)
Rear Bob-weight 35
(Cast Iron Band)
Distribution of Mass Front Wheel 410
Rear Wheel 670
Model of Chassis Half Floating
Model of Front Axle Non adjustable type
Theoretical Speed (Km/h)  I gear 2.4
IIgear 5.4
 III gear 7.2
 IV gear 8.5
V gear 16.8
VI  gear 27
 Rev.I gear 6.41
 Rev. II gear 7.93
Hydraulic systerm   type  half- independent
pump posision  side
Pressure for safety vavle (Mpa) 15±0.5
Hydarulic cylinder Bore x Strode (mm) 63×77
displacement (l/min) 7.5
lifeter travel (mm) 420
Max lifting capacity (KN @610MM) 4
Lifting time (s) under the rated engine speed 3
working device  type  rear 3-point links,cat O
deepth for the implemet control  floating
Diameter track pin  φ28
Groudclearance for the drawing bar 480
type  side, non-independent
speed (r/min) 1121/1254
PTO shaft   model I35, 540 r/min 
Remarks: The usage mass includes the mass of driver, bob-weight, fuel and cooling water, etc.
⒉ Data of Engine
Model ZS1115E2
Type Single Cylinder, Horizontal, 4-Strokes, Direct Injection
Bore x Strode (mm) 115x115
Rated Rotary Speed (r/min) 2200
Rated Power(Kw) 19.12
Max. Torque (N · m) 71.46
Max. Torque Rotary Speed (r/min) 1760
Fuel Consumption Ratio (g/Kw · h) ≤244.8
Oil Consumption Ratio (g/Kw · h) ≤2.72
Cooling Type Water Cooling, circulation