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This series product is middle  HP 4-wheel drive tractor directly connected with its engine specially used in mountain areas and muddy roads. It has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, low tremble, high traction, high adaptability and easy start. Jaw type differential lock can improve the pass-ability. Hydraulic output interface can make direct connection with the dump trailer. This series tractor can have many different configurations according to customer’s demands: single stage clutch or two stage clutch, (3+1) ×2 six shifts or (4+1)×2 eight shifts where the creeping shift can be selected, one standard PTO rev., fixed or adjusted tread, back catalogue“1” suspensions, mechanical steering or hydraulic steering and so on.


Model SF404
General specification  Type 4WD
Structure Weight (kg) 1698
Min usage weight(kg) 1780
Rated Traction ( KN)  11
Tread (mm) Front 1240
Rear  11001500adjustable
Wheelbase(mm) 1955
Min. turning radius (m) 4.0±0.2
Min. ground clearance (mm) 280
Overall dimensions (mm)
 Theoretical speed (km/h) I 2.52
II 3.17
III 5.27
IV 7.58
V 9.87
VI 13.3
VII 20.63
VIII 29.69
Reverse I 3.38
Reverse II 13.28
Engine          Model XC490BT
 Type  Vertical, 4-cylinder, Water Cooled, 4-stroke
No. of cylinder 4
Bore*stroke (mm) 90*100
Rated power (kW) 29.4
Rated speed(r/min) 2400
Rated fuel consumption (g/kW.h) 238
Transimission                      System  clutch   dry, single plate,single action,constant engaged
 gear box dual shafts,4*(2+1)shift, differential lock
 differential  Closed, 2 planetary gear 
main drive  sprial bevel gear 
final drive  single stage,external engaged
Brake system  service brake  hydraulic,dry disc
parking brake  mechainical,feet plate locking 
Running  Mechanism tyre Front 750-16
Rear  11.2-28
Steering gear power steering
operating systerm Suspension  max lifting capacity KN (at 610mm) 6.62
Type  tri-point behind suspensioncatalogue I
P.T.O.    Rotating speed r/min 540/1000
Type of  P.T.O. Non-independent,six splines 
Traction quipment stationary type 
option air brake,dual clutch,ROPS